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  • Construction and General Laborers' Local Union 609

  • North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters Local 336

  • Central Massachusetts AFL-CIO

  • Local 4 Operating Engineers

Community Leaders

James w Maura Healey lighter faces.jpg

Maura Healey

Attorney General

Dem. Nominee Governor of MA

JAD w Carolyn Lake 4_edited.jpg

Rep. Carolyn Dykema

Former State Representative

8th Middlesex District


Rep. David Linsky

Incumbent State Representative

5th Middlesex District

jim m.jpg

Jim McGovern

Member of Congress

hardin webstie.jpg

Jane Hardin

"As someone who has been a citizen of Millis for 40 years and an active town member and community enthusiast, I am impressed with the sincerity and history of public service demonstrated by James. I feel he will represent the people of Millis with dedication and he will work hard on our behalf."

JAD and dan alfred.HEIC

Dan Alfred

Holliston Finance Committee Vice Chair

"I'm with James because I know he will fight for Holliston and help the town secure state funding for critical projects that will improve our infrastructure, transition us to a green economy, and support local education."

waldron headshot.jpg

Jeff Waldron

Sherborn Select Board Chair

"Although I will miss Rep. Dave Linsky's leadership and support, I feel strongly that James Arena-DeRosa's leadership experience will position him well to serve as Sherborn's next State Representative" 

                                          - Jeff Waldron 

- Dan Alfred

- Jane Hardin

public domain state hoes.jpg

Rep. Barbara Gardner

Former State Representative

8th Middlesex District

magnani headshot.webp

Senator David Magnani

Former State Senator

2nd Middlesex and Norfolk District


Rep. Denise Garlick

Incumbent State Representative

13th Norfolk District

tina hein.jpg

Tina Hein

Holliston Select Board Clerk

erin underhill.jpg

Erin Underhill

Millis Select Board Chair

cory atkins.jpg

Rep. Cory Atkins

Former State Representative

14th Middlesex District

ben sparrell.jpg

Ben Sparrell

Holliston Select Board Chair


Mark Ahronian

Former Holliston Select Board


Lisa Kaplan

Holliston Democrats Chair

stacey raffi.jpg

Stacey Raffi

Holliston School Committee


Karla Alfred

Holliston Library Trustees Chair

jurmains w james.JPG

Pete Jurmain

Former Millis Select Board

Addie Mae Weiss

Sherborn Planning Board

Stefani Harrison

Sherborn Groundwater Protection Committee

Grace Shepard

Former Sherborn Select Board

Carol Scott Dooling

Former Holliston Select Board

Craig Schultze

Millis Select Board

Susan Vecchi

Former Millis School Committee

Matt Zettek

Former Hopkinton Select Board

Muriel Kramer

Hopkinton Select Board

Jay Marsden

Former Holliston Select Board 


Marian Neutra

Sherborn Select Board Vice Chair

cynthia liste.jpg

Cynthia Listewnik

Holliston School Committee

john cronin.png

John Cronin

Holliston Select Board Vice Chair

karen juhl.webp

Karen Juhl

Former Council on Aging Director,

Town of Sherborn

jurmains w james.JPG

Diane Jurmain

Millis Permanent Building Committee

Elizabeth Wendorf

Sherborn Associate Planning Board

Mark Williams

Sherborn Agriculture Commission Alternate

Minnie Gupta

Holliston School Committee

Peter Barbieri

Former Holliston Select Board


Shahidul Mannan

Hopkinton Select Board

Matthew Wendorf

Sherborn Agriculture Commission

Courtney Williams

Friends of the Sherborn Library

Ken Szajda

Holliston Finance Committee Chair

Pam Zicko

Former Holliston Finance Committee

Peter Underhill

Member of Millis Finance Committee

Charles Vecchi

Former Millis Select Board

Alan Handel

Millis Planning Board and Millis Community Preservation Committee

Holly Morand

Hopkinton School Committee

Ifran Nasrullah

Hopkinton Select Board

Michelle Zeamer

Holliston Finance Committee

Donna Cabbibo

Former Millis Town Moderator

Nancy Cavanaugh

Hopkinton School Committee

Paul DeRensis

Sherborn Select Board

Mary Jo LaFreniere

Hopkinton Select Board 

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